The Xbox Gift Card: 10 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Gift Card

Xbox One has a thriving gaming community, and you can help keep that going with a gift card. If you have someone on your list who’s got everything but doesn’t have an Xbox One yet, this is the gift card for them! The Xbox Live Gift Card is the easiest way to give someone your trusty gaming console this holiday season. If you’re new to both gaming and the Xbox One, here are 10 ways to make the most out of your new console.

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Xbox Gift Card: Change your Gamertag

You can change your Gamer tag on any Xbox console, and it’s as simple as hitting the guide key and selecting the “Change Gamer tag” prompt. It may have to wait a few minutes for the Gamer tag to appear online, but it’s easy and quick. You can use any name you want, and the Xbox One will accept letters, numbers, and symbols! (a colon).

Xbox Gift Card: Play some games

While it’s nice to have a full library of games to jump into at any time, most people have a few specific titles they like to play in a certain order, or are looking to try something new. The Xbox One is a great console for playing games, and there are plenty of titles to choose from. You can even download your favorite games to your console so you can take them with you on another device. And if you’re new to gaming, don’t worry, the Xbox One is an easy console to get into. If you’re looking to play something specific, you can either search for it in the Xbox Store (accessed through the guide, or using voice commands) or ask other gamers to recommend something.

Xbox Gift Card: Use the Snap feature

The Snap feature on the Xbox One allows you to watch TV and play games in “side scrolling” mode. You can snap two programs side by side, making it much easier to multitask while watching TV or playing games. This is especially helpful if you have a large TV and don’t want to use all the space. If you’re not sure how to access the Snap feature on your console, here’s a quick tutorial. Xbox One Guide -> Snap To snap two programs, navigate to the “Snap” option on the guide and choose the button with the two people. You can then navigate to the show you’d like to have side by side, and the Xbox One will automatically resize the screen so both apps are visible.

Xbox Gift Card: Watch some TV

Yes, you can watch TV on your Xbox One. You don’t even necessarily need a cable subscription to do it. In fact, many streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and even Amazon Video allow you to watch their shows on your Xbox One. All you need is a subscription to the streaming service and a way to get it onto your Xbox One. You can do this through a variety of methods, including a digital tuner (like the Xbox One S or X comes with) and a set-top box like the Amazon Fire Stick. Keep in mind that if you have an Xbox Live Gold subscription, you can also use your Xbox One to watch videos on Xbox Live, as you can on the Xbox 360.

Xbox Gift Card: Talk to people online

One of the most exciting features of the Xbox One is the ability to live-stream your gameplay to Twitch or Mixer and broadcast your games with others online. You can search for “Xbox Live” in the Xbox Store and find friends based on your interests. If you have friends who like to play games, this is a fun feature to make some new friends. You can chat with others in your community and engage with them using avatars. If you don’t really know anyone online, you can make an effort to talk to strangers online to meet new people. You can also search for specific people to see if they’re on your friend list.

Xbox Gift Card: Sign in to live TV

One of the best features of the Xbox One is the ability to access live TV through the guide. This is especially helpful if you have a large TV and don’t want to waste all the space. You can select any channel you want and scroll through the guide to find the channel. It’s like using the guide on the Xbox 360, but with the ability to select live TV channels.

Record and watch your favorite shows

The Xbox One is a great media hub, combining your favorite TV programs from cable and streaming services including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video. Once you’ve signed in to your TV services and added them to your Xbox One, you can find programs to watch through the guide. All you have to do is select a show and it will be added to your favorites. You can even use voice commands to find the next show or episode.

Find a group of gamers for co-op play

Many gamers have a group of friends they play with, and they may have a store called Xbox Friends that shows other local players who are nearby. You can find people to play with through this feature. Once you’ve signed in to Xbox Live, go to the “Friends” tab and select “Xbox Live Friends.” You’ll see a list of people nearby and be able to see what games they play, what devices they use, and if they’re online. If you don’t see anyone you’d like to play with, you can start searching for friends by going to the “Search for Friends” section and entering your criteria.

Participate in challenges and tournaments

The Xbox One is also a great gaming console for gamers who enjoy playing online with others. You can join online leagues and competitions, or even create your own tournaments for a prize. Join a variety of leagues like Major League Gaming and Xbox One League, which has a $10,000 prize pool. You can even create your own tournaments and invite your friends to play. Find and join groups of gamers to participate in challenges, like Daily Challenges that give you points for doing simple tasks, like watching a video or reading a book. If you’re new to gaming, there are many beginner challenges that give you a chance to learn how to play and meet people online.

Don’t forget about the kids!

Finally, the Xbox One is a great console for beginners and families. You can find games that are friendly for new gamers and family-friendly, which helps everyone get involved. For beginners, you can even use the guide to help teach your kids how to use the Xbox One. Just select the “Guide” option, then select “Tutorials” and choose a topic. The Xbox One has a lot of useful features to make gaming more accessible for everyone. It’s a great addition to your living room whether you’re new to gaming or an expert. There you have it, 10 ways to make the most out of your Xbox gift card. Now go get one for yourself!

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