IKEA Gift Card: How To Redeem

Most IKEA gift cards can be used to purchase products from the store. But there are some that can only be redeemed for a certain price. Find out how to redeem an IKEA gift card so you know what you’re getting before you buy it.

IKEA Gift Card

IKEA offers gift cards, which are sold in increments of $50, $100, $200, and $500, to be used at all IKEA locations for purchases made on the IKEA.com website. The gift card does not have to be purchased from IKEA, though it is sold there. The IKEA gift card may be redeemed online or in-store at a later date. The purchaser can choose to have the gift card emailed to them, or they can print a physical card to give to the recipient. To redeem an IKEA gift card online, the recipient enters the gift card number and information about the recipient, such as their name and email address. They can then choose how much money to transfer to the recipient’s account. The recipient can then use the money as they would any other credit card.

How to Use an Ikea Gift Card?

The recipient uses the gift card to purchase whatever they want from the store. If they buy something with a discount coupon, the recipient will be able to use the coupon on that item. The recipient can also use their gift card to pay for items online. If the gift card recipient has another account on the IKEA website, the money is added to that account.

IKEA Gift Card Excluded From Redeeming

Some IKEA gift cards can only be used to purchase products from the store and cannot be redeemed for other services. These cards include the $50, $100, $200, and $500 gift cards. If you have one of these cards, you cannot use it to pay for services or products outside of the store. You can still use the card to buy products, but you’ll need to keep that information in mind when you’re gifting it.

IKEA Shop & Service Only Cards

Some IKEA gift cards can only be used to purchase products from the store, but cannot be redeemed for services. If a card falls into this category, the card has the word “shop & service” printed on it. If you have one of these cards, you may be able to use it to pay for other services, such as lawn care or house cleaning service. You may also be able to use it for a repair, such as a refrigerator or a stove repair. If the card can be used for a service, the recipient should ask before using it for something else. If the card can be used for a service, the recipient should call or email the store and let them know so they can get a refund.

How to Redeem an IKEA Gift Card for Service or Repair

Whatever item or service you want to purchase, start by looking up the value of an IKEA gift card. You can use the gift card number and information, as well as the store location and date of purchase. Next, find the service or product you want to purchase and how much it costs. You can look this up on Google or other search engines. Finally, find the IKEA gift card value that comes closest to the amount you want to spend. That will tell you how much extra you’ll need to pay.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re buying a gift card as a present for someone or using your own card, knowing how to redeem it can ensure you get the most value out of it. And even if the card is only meant for in-store purchases, knowing how to redeem can help you save money on items you’d normally buy at a higher price. Shop with the knowledge that the card is only redeemable for products from IKEA, and that it can only be used for shop and service items.

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